Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How many people make up a team?

A1: For each team, the number of team members is not restricted.

Q2: Can we add/remove members and/or advisors?

A2: No. You are not allowed to add/remove members and/or advisors after successful registeration.

Q3: How should we submit the implementations, via Email?

A3: We set up a Google form. All submissions should be done via Google form. For more detailed requirements, please click here.

Q4: Can we use the ideas in the published papers?

A4: Yes. Typically, the contestants do not need to submit any document to describe their algorithms. The contestants only need to submit their source code.

Q5: Is the contest only open to academia?

A5: No. Participants from both industry and academia are welcome. However, please be aware that we do anticipate that all implementations should be open-source at the conclusion of the contest.

Q6: Do we need medical expertise?

A6: No. Medical domain knowledge is NOT needed.