Submission Requirements

  • What do we need for the submission?
  • For the submission, as every team has received the code and dataset from us, we will just need the team to submit their code for check and execution file for running to get the accuracy and latency.

    Code: It is the most important part of the submission. Please package your code in its entirety and do not leave any files out. Please make sure that the code is correct and that there are no errors, such as undefined parameters, functions, etc. Please make sure that the code is executable.

    Model: We will need every team to submit the trained model. It should include the model structure and model weights.

    Execution file for classification performance: The executable file will help us to run the submitted code. Each team should specify the dependency package of the code, the execution method, and the execution command. We will run the code in the computer(sever) to get the accuracy of the model. Execution file for the hardware performance: Raspberry Pi is used as the platform for the latency test. We will randomly choose 100 images from the test data to get the latency for the model. In the file, please indicate the command for the execution and package dependency. The detailed process is preferred by us.

    Readme: It is file which should include the steps that describe the process we should take to test your results. It should be detailed and clear to read.

    If we have problems with the test, we will connect with the responsible author.
  • How many times that every team have for the submission?
  • Every team will have unlimited time to submit the result. Just replace the old code with the new version every time in the folder. You have time to update the code and file until the deadline just keep one version as the final version. The submission will start from 1st July. And the deadline will be July 31. The time zone is AOE, and every team will have 31 days to do the submission.

    Test opportunity: Every team will have one chance to do the test during time July 17 to July 21, five days. We will help you to tect the accuracy and fairness and hardware performance. You will receive the feedback in 48 hours. Based on the results, you can make changes to your code. Please remember you just have one chance to do that.

  • Where will every team put the results?
  • Every team will have a folder in google drive. And I will share the folder with the responsible author later. And the reminding email will be sent out. Please put all the files in the team folder.